Sunday, June 7, 2015

Free Resources for Astronomy Study - Middle/High School

Here are a bunch of free resources I've gathered all about Astronomy!  I will be writing a separate post in this series for our week's intensive unit study plan once I've figured it out!

Here is June's monthly star calendar  (new each month)

Print a free copy of June's Skymap (you can adjust for whatever month you are doing this)

Online Star Map image 

All about moon phases with pictures at each stage 

A moon phase journal to fill out

Stars and Constellation Lapbook from Adventures in Child Rearing 

Space Lapbook from Homeschool Share 

Cindy Downes' Unit Study 

From SAS Curriculum Pathways:  FREE site for 6th through 12th grade, but you must register.

Planetary Motion activity 

Characteristics of Our Solar System 

Properties of Stars activity 


The scale of planets and stars video:

On Youtube there is a series called:  Crash Course: Astronomy.  There are 20 episodes.  (There may be references to the big bang theory, please preview.  I haven't watched them all yet)

10 Astronomy Videos from Intoxicated on Life blog 

Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore?  On Youtube:

This video is SO awesome!  Watch an astronaut on the ISS make herself some dinner - in microgravity! 


Constellation Hunt - an interactive game

Stellarium - used in planetariums to simulate the night sky

Free books on Kindle (there were others too - search 'astronomy free')

Astronomy for Amateurs 

A Field Book of the Stars

The Children's Book of Stars 

Astronomy: The Science of Heavenly Bodies 

History of Astronomy 

Myths and Marvels of Astronomy 


TONS of resources from Muses of a Mom! 

Printables for all ages 

Kids Astronomy Page 

Adventures in Space Mathematics from Nasa - geared toward 7-9th grade

June's Night Sky Discovery Guide from Nasa  (makes reference to "billions of  years ago")

Explore the solar system and beyond with these great space-focused documentaries.
Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery: Take a look back at some of the awe-inspiring images captured by the Hubble telescope in this film.

Supermassive Black Holes: While black holes are still largely mysterious bodies, you can increase your knowledge of them by watching this great documentary

3D SunThis documentary uses stunning 3D images of the sun to explain its history and phenomena.

Revealing MarsTake a look at the Mars orbiter in this film and some of the images of Mars that have been captured

Colonizing SpaceThis documentary will present some of the plans already in motion to take the first steps into the final frontier

Secrets of the SunLearn more about the star central to our own solar system in this film

International Space StationThis film will explain how the space station was built and is maintained and operated.

Saturn: Lord of the RingsThis documentary will allow you to learn more about this beautiful and mysterious ringed planet.

The Life and Death of a StarTake a look at how stars form, live, and ultimately die in this great documentary.


Cosmos for Kids lots of information

Planets for Kids 

Windows to the Universe 

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  1. Great resources! I hope to do Astronomy with my youngest son next year!

  2. This is so useful! Thank you for sharing. My son adores astronomy so I will be sure to email him this page.

  3. This is so useful! Thank you for sharing. My son adores astronomy so I will be sure to email him this page.

  4. Wow, what a great list of resources! Almost overwhelming. We like the Crash Course history videos, I'll have to try the astronomy ones. Thanks!